Eco Growth strengthens its technical team

Eco Growth strengthens its technical team

Eco Growth 07/04/2021 News Articles

Doctor Kimberley Tilbrook has recently joined the Eco Growth team, bringing with her plant, microbial and molecular biology expertise along with her extensive research experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Queensland and post-graduate qualifications focused on agricultural futures from The University of Southern Queensland. She has completed research projects both in Europe and Australia, the latter with Sugar Research Australia, Brisbane, and CSIRO, Canberra. Kimberley is also a professional academic editor in her fields.

Eco Growth CEO Joe Bovell says, “We are delighted to have someone of Kim’s calibre join our team. Dr Tilbrook will manage a variety of scientific projects with a key focus being on building capacity in the microbial and plant growth-promoting components of Eco Growth’s products. In addition to ensuring sustained quality control in product manufacture, Dr Tilbrook will also integrate research developments in the soil microbiome and plant–soil interactions into our product development.

Dr Tilbrook will play an important role lending technical expertise to support our customers and sales team with a greater scientific understanding of our products, emphasising how and why they perform so well. The appointment of Dr Tilbrook is part of a series of investments we will be making over the next 4 years to strengthen our position in the market.”

About Dr Kimberley Tilbrook BSc(Hons) PhD GCAgr

Dr. Tilbrook is a self-motivated research professional driven by a natural curiosity of biological systems and a burgeoning passion for sustainability in the Australian agricultural industry. She is a major advocate for unlocking the power of healthy soil ecosystems as a natural agricultural resource and for plant molecular biology innovation.

Away from her professional life, Kimberley enjoys spending time with her young family, gardening, natural spaces and surfing.

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