Proven Viticultural Solutions

Build grape vine resilience through balanced nutrition through our Eco Growth Viticulture Products range.

Our wine grape fertilizers improve fruit skin quality, give better cool condition ripening, and help provide consistent yields with enhanced quality and greater disease resistance.

Eco Growth Viticulture Product Benefits:

  • Balance of quality, yield & consistency
  • Grape skin quality
  • Improved soil and vine health
  • Cost effective


Silicate Minerals

Eco-Prime® Red, PhosPot and Eco-Prime® Purple offer vine nutrition through the season in the form of highly citrate soluble Soft Rock Phosphates, Mined Potash, Lignite and Volcanic Trace minerals, plus immediately available NPK all enhanced with Eco Advance® beneficial biology.

Foliar and Irrigated Nutrition

Express PK, Express Si Potash (Potassium Silicate), Express Ca+B etc. provide a fast complementary immediate nutrition through leaf and root designed to quickly rectify deficiencies, whilst focused on vine and fruit quality. The Eco Growth wine grape fertilizer range is often used in harsh conditions to balance salt, aluminium and other induced disorders.

Biological Stimulants

Eco-Vital®, Eco-Humate® / Eco-Fulvate, Plantmate etc. Designed for plant strength, microbial support and emergency response. Solutions exist for many vine related issues. 


Download BROCHURE (Except WA)

Download BROCHURE (WA)


What is viticulture?

The meaning of viticulture as defined by Science Direct, from the Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences:

"Viticulture is the study and practice of cultivating grapevines, usually with the overall goal of producing fruit that is suitable for some specific end purpose. It probably has its origins from when people started realizing that the fruit of Vitis vinifera, the Eurasian grapevine, was good to eat, but found it difficult to climb trees to be able to reach the fruit. Once the vine was planted where it was easier to manage, the issue of how to manage it became what we now know as viticulture."

Eco Growth Commercial Fertilisers bring to every grower a focus on increasing the viability, sustainability and nutrition of crops including horticulture, orchard, viticulture, agriculture, pasture and turf. For more information please get in touch with us today.

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Eco Growth Product Guide
Download our product guide

Download our product guide

With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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