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Feed the soil to feed the plant

Nutrition is not just about analysis, but nutrient availability. And Eco Advance® makes the connection between fertiliser, soil and plant in a powerful symbiotic relationship.

As some minerals are not in an immediately available form, they must first undergo natural changes to be more available to the plant. Eco Growth facilitates this change with the addition of Eco Advance® premium biology, a catalyst to increase mineral availability to the plant with the addition of beneficial soil biology. Eco Advance® premium biology is a proprietary blend of beneficial biology and bio-stimulants that have been developed by Eco Growth over the past 20 years. Including beneficial microbe strains such as Fungi and Bacillus (ie: B.megaterium and B.subtilis). 

Eco Advance® is a specially formulated blend of targeted microbiology that improves nutrient availability, soil structure, increased resistance and buffering capacity along with many other soil and plant benefits.

Because we are dedicated to finding the best possible crop solutions for Australian growers, Eco Advance® premium biology is utilised within our Custom Fertilizer Blends and our commercial solutions; from our Horticulture and Agriculture product lines, our Viticultural and Turf Fertilisers, and our Eco Growth Liquid and Granular Soil Amendments.

Feed the soil to feed the plant
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Eco Advance® contains the following microbes:

Produce nitrogen, vitamins and plant growth hormones. Azotobacter spp.

Free living nitrogen fixers-converting atmospheric nitrogen to the soil.

Such as Lactic acid bacteria, help with soil condition structure Bacillus subtilis, also phosphorus solubilisation Bacillus Megaterium.

Cellulosic Fungi
Decomposers of organic matter (cellulose) turning stubble into organic carbon. Chaetomium spp.

Nutrient converters and actively source phosphorus from the soil. Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza spp (Glomus intraradices).

Bacteria that populate the soil and root zone, aid with plant hormone production. Pseudomonas spp.

Legume nitrogen fixers.

Bacteria that produce metabolites that help plants grow.

Plant metabolite and hormone producer. Trichoderma spp.


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With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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