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Eco Growth International Pty Ltd

A 100% Australian owned and operated company, Eco Growth International Pty Ltd is has been manufacturing premium specialised granular and liquid fertilisers for over 20 years. The company has two manufacturing facilities, a Western Australian head office and its primary manufacturing site located in Queensland.

As pioneers in the biologically activated natural fertiliser category with our proprietary Eco Advance micro-organisms, Eco Growth tailors nutritionally balanced, biologically available fertiliser solutions. Eco Growth utilises detailed analysis and current agronomic expertise to offer a wide range of products including individually customised liquid and granular fertiliser blends for all sectors of agribusiness.

Eco Growth is Australia’s leading manufacturer of rock mineral based and biologically activated fertilisers with a focus on increasing the viability, sustainability and nutrition of crops. Delivering a range of benefits for soil, plants and animals, Eco Growth provides the complete fertiliser solution.


Established in the late 1990’s,  Eco Growth Pty Ltd took its business to the next level when it acquired the Superior Fertiliser business in Queensland in 2007.  The acquisition brought a deeper understanding of beneficial microbes and fast-tracked Eco Growth’s expansion into Queensland and the wider east coast market. By 2009, Eco Growth had designed and perfected the processing of complete analysis rock mineral fertiliser blends for large scale distribution.

Fertiliser for Life

Biologically activated fertiliser

Fertiliser that provides balanced nutrition is now widely recognised as essential to soil, plant and human health. Eco Growth has proven that by working with nature's beneficial microbes and organisms in combination with our custom blending technology we can naturally and sustainably improve nutrient availability, soil structure, disease resistance and buffering capacity.

Our People and Values


We pride ourselves on being genuine, empathetic and reliable to our team and our customers as we deliver on our promises with transparency and sincerity. This shows in the quality and efficacy of our systems and products.


We have an emotional attachment to delivering results for our customers and take pride in seeing them prosper.


We are pioneers in the natural fertiliser category and our vast knowledge across a wide variety of crops and soils grows daily. If we don’t know the solution to a problem, we will actively seek and share it.


Customer benefits

Eco Advance biological activation

With the addition of Eco-Advance Premium biology to our granular fertilisers, we make the connection between fertiliser, soil and plant in a powerful, natural symbiotic relationship.

Custom-blended fertilisers

By conducting paddock-specific soil tests and providing contemporary agronomic advice, we can meet crop nutrient requirements while saving time and money.

Australian owned & operated for over 20 years

Eco Growth provides complete analysis, production and distribution of biologically enhanced natural fertilisers. We service and deliver Australia-wide for all forms of horticulture, agriculture, turf and retail garden centres.

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Download our product guide

With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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