Regenerative Agriculture

Eco Growth is the contemporary solution for achieving results with regenerative farming practices.

In what is a relatively new focus in large scale Agriculture, Eco Growth has been living the regenerative farming philosophy for well over 20 years. Our focus is on the relationship between soil, plant and beneficial biology, in a holistic approach to nutrition. This has always been the backbone of what we stand for as a company since our inception.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Simply put, Regenerative Agriculture can be self described as:

"The fostering of a living farming system, which thrives around a food web of living plants, minerals, microbes and animals. When in harmony, a “Regen Ag” production system can be exceedingly efficient and robust, capitalising on synergies between plants as companions, with microorganisms and animals releasing nutrients from minerals, building rich soils that enhance the farming ecosystems as a self-regenerating hive of productivity.” 

Yield & Quality with regenerative agriculture

Glamorgan Estate is a production Vineyard located in the northern Margaret River region in WA’s South West.

Along with neighbouring Osprey Point both properties are Managed by Teresa Gibellini, whose focus is firmly on the production of high quality wine grapes.

Eco Growth has worked along side Teresa and Ryan Henchie from Pendrey Agencies for the best part of a decade, transforming Glamorgan into a Regen Ag based Wine Grape producer. This has involved identifying and addressing soil imbalance (including Aluminium subsoil toxicity), addressing mineral deficiencies, plus encouraging the introduction of complementary interrow plant species and livestock to facilitate the natural cycle of nutrients and biology.

Eco Growth's on-going role has been to ensure that productivity and balance is maintained, so that wine quality continues to be increased along with yield through enhanced soil health.

From our viticulture solutions consisting of ready-made wine grape fertilizers, to custom blended and tailored solutions for your specific plants and needs, at Eco Growth we are more than willing to share our experience in Regenerative Agriculture and work with you to develop a program that best suits your needs. 


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Download our product guide

With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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