Liquid Fertilisers

Fast acting, effective and easy to use liquid fertilisers

Our chelated and complexed liquid fertilisers are designed to penetrate the leaf quickly and effectively, but to not deposit harmful chlorides or damaging salts which can cause plant damage and encourage fungal and insect attack. 

Our products are sold through a network of well-known distributors through all states of Australia to the following sectors:

Benefits of Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers are designed to provide plants with the specific nutrients they require, and fast. They are used as a delivery channel for nutrients to be delivered quickly, to give crops and plants exactly what they need, right away.

  • Fast and efficient uptake: feed your plants when they need it most
  • Versatility: apply for regular nutrition or as an immediate corrective action (at almost any stage of plant growth)
  • Ensure healthy growth: prevent splitting, enhance colour, mitigate effects of sodium chloride toxicity
  • Better tolerance to adverse weather conditions
  • Improved accuracy of NPK application
  • Easy to handle and apply

Eco Growth liquid fertilizers offer sustained absorption for both foliar and root applications. Application can be done through leaves via foliar absorption or through roots via soil penetration. Liquids immediately penetrate soil so that plants can promptly start to absorb and use the nutrients as they contact the roots. 

From Express® Potassium Silicate, a highly plant available Silica and Potassium liquid fertilizer, to the fast acting Express® PK designed for foliar and drip application, and more liquids such as our natural kelp and fish fertilizer, organic liquid humus, and long lasting soil wetting soil amendments, Eco Growth offers the best liquid fertilisers Australia Wide to improve your crops, soil, and environment as a whole.


Custom blends

Eco Growth crop & soil specific custom liquid fertiliser blends

Eco Growth has the unique ability to produce bulk custom blends of biologically activated granular fertilisers and ACO certified chelated, complexed liquid fertilisers specifically for your soil.

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Download our product guide

With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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