Broadacre Cropping

Feed the soil to feed the plant

Benefits Include:

  • Suitable for use in a wide range for soil types and soil conditions
  • Full analysis of citrate-soluble and microbially enhanced rock minerals and trace elements to build fertility and improve soil function
  •  Low leaching potential, and not prone to ‘lock-ups’ (eg. phosphorus)
  • Steady, sustained release and availability of nutrition throughout the season
  • Reliable crop performance and yield in dry seasons and low moisture conditions.

Eco Growth cropping fertilisers balance available NPK with microbially enhanced rock minerals that are naturally rich in trace elements.

The unique combination of key macro-nutrients, microbes and natural minerals increases soil fertility and functioning - including improved mineral cycling and soil
moisture dynamics – and promotes and boosts plant-soil interactions to assist crop establishment and development in challenging growing environments.



Designed for enhancedphosphorus availability in harsh conditions. 

Eco-Crop NP delivers uniform crop development and exceptional longevity through the cropping season. Ideal for use in both light and heavy soils, including high PBI and aluminium rich soils.


Ideal for light to heavy soils, including sodic environments. Eco-Crop NPK suits harsh conditions and reduces the impact of sodicity on crop performance. 

Containing sulphate of potash in conjunction with a citratesoluble microbially enhanced rock mineral base, Eco-Crop NPK encourages increased tillering and fattening of grain.


Suited for crops requiring high phosphorus for strong germination. 

Eco-Crop PK promotes rapid establishment by facilitating the early root development required in legumes and annual/perennial crops via a combination of phosphorus sources including microbially enhanced soft rock (colloidal) phosphate. Ideal for mixed soil types including low pH / high aluminium soils.


Developed to assist in the transition from conventional cropping to regenerative farming systems. A carefully balanced mixture of natural sulphates, rock minerals and balanced microbial interactions to deliver healthy, productive crops. Well suited for use in pasture-cropping systems and by growers undergoing conversion to organics.


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With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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