Broadacre Cropping

Feed the soil to feed the plant

Benefits Include:

  • Fast acting for quick plant uptake.
  • Long lasting without leaching.
  • Compatible with a wide range of soil and environmental conditions.

We work with growers throughout the life of the crop to provide exactly what the crop requires in each varying season while maximising the soil - plant - microbe symbiotic interaction to bring your broadacre production systems to life.

Our strategy is to provide base nutrition for strong crop establishment including a nutrient backbone to provide for the entire season. This base is complimented with balanced inputs, tailored to meet the prevailing seasonal conditions and crop yield potential.

Eco Growth cropping fertilisers contain combinations of NPK, Silicate Minerals, Trace Elements, Humates, Fish & Kelp, Chelates and Biology and are:

  • Durable under extreme conditions
  • Suitable for all soils
  • Ideal for wide range of pH’s, including High Aluminium conditions
  • Granulated Rock Silicate Mineral base – High NPK
  • Biologically-activated for enhanced plant uptake and strong root development
  • Fast releasing – slow leaching. Long lasting delivery
  • Australian made for Australian conditions including Sodic environments


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Download our product guide

With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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