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Eco Growth provides highly effective solutions for the home gardener, drawing on it's rich history in the commercial sector to deliver great results with its range of natural based fertilisers, soil amendments, microbes and stimulants. 

If you're in search of the best lawn fertiliser Australia has to offer as well as the proper nutrients for your home's garden soil, plants, flowers and trees, Emerald Lawns and our Residential Fertiliser range provide everything you need. 

Learn how to best grow and care for your lawn and garden beds using Eco Growth Home Garden and Residential Fertiliser products.


  • Encourage strong, healthy trees, plants & lawn
  • Safe to apply during flowering and fruit set
  • Builds soil biology & strengthens roots
  • Suitable for use on most plants including natives

Natural Fertilizer that provides balanced nutrition is now widely recognised as essential to soil, plant and human health. Eco Growth has proven that by working with nature’s beneficial microbes and organisms in combination with our custom fertiliser blending technology, we can naturally and sustainably improve nutrient availability, soil structure, pest and disease resistance, nutrient and water retention.



Our Residential Home Garden & Natural Lawn Fertiliser range provides the same natural and highly effective soil amendment and fertiliser benefits as our Commercial Fertilisers.

Delivering a range of benefits for soil, plant, animal and human health, Eco Growth Australian fertilisers are your best natural choice for complete home garden nutrition.

Below we give overview steps on how to plant and tend to your garden. As well as how to care for a newly laid lawn and maintain it throughout the year using Eco Growth Lawn and Garden Care products.


apple harvest home garden fertiliser

  1. Incorporate quality soil conditioners (eg. Humus 400) into the top 150-250mm of the soil profile.
  2. Apply Eco-Wet® with watering can or hose applicator 3-4 times per year.
  3. Apply half a cup of Eco-Prime Blue® Garden Fertiliser per m2 over newly planted areas.
  4. Water in and follow up fortnightly with Eco-Vital® applied through watering can or hose on applicator (Avoid applying in direct sunlight).
  5. Mulch new plantings with 75-100mm of coarse grade mulch.
  6. Reapply Eco-Prime Blue® every 6 weeks or as required.



  1. Prepare site and incorporate Humus 400 or other suitable soil amendments based on soil type.
  2. Apply lawn starter fertiliser as per recommendations from turf contractor.
  3. Before laying new turf, apply Eco-Wet® and water in well.



  1. Apply Eco-Vital® immediately after laying at 90ml/9L to reduce lawn stress and burning, and to encourage root growth.
  2. Apply 1/2 handful (approx. 25g) Eco Growth Emerald Lawns 6-8 weeks after turf has been laid.



season lawn maintenance fertiliser in Australia

  1. The most important times to feed lawns are spring and autumn. Fertiliser applied in early spring will help with recovery after winter and resist summer weeds. Fertiliser applied in Autumn will maintain growth and colour well into winter. Always apply when lawn is quite dry then water in immediately. Avoid fertilising on very hot days. Overfed lawns may be prone to disease.
  2. Apply Eco-Wet® seasonally or as required.
  3. Apply Eco Growth Emerald Lawns at 1 handful (approx. 40-50g) / m2 3-4 times per year.
  4. Apply Eco-Vital® every 6-8 weeks throughout the active growing season.
  5. Apply Eco-Humate every 3 months (in conjunction with Emerald Lawns applications).


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With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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