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    The benefits of using Rock or Silicate Minerals as Fertilisers

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Fertiliser for LifeFertiliser for Life

Fertiliser that provides balanced nutrition is now widely recognised as essential to soil, plant and human health. Eco Growth has proven that by working with nature's beneficial microbes and organisms in combination with our custom blending technology, we can naturally and sustainably improve nutrient availability, soil structure, disease resistance and buffering capacity.

Our Products

Eco Growth has an extensive product range including granular and liquid fertilisers, soil amendments, microbes and stimulants as well as an ACO certified organic input range.  Our products are sustainable, natural based and effective.

Eco Advance® Premium Biology
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Eco Advance® Premium Biology

Feed the soil to feed the plant

Soils are diverse and complex living ecosystems. Biologically driven soil processes provide plant nutrition and their presence are a key indicator of overall soil health and functioning. Without biology, soils are simply geology.

Biologically active soils are the cornerstone of healthy, resilient and sustainable agricultural production systems. When functioning effectively, soil microbe–plant root interactions positively influence plant health and productivity. Microbial activity in the rhizosphere surrounding plant roots stimulates soil building processes and enhances mineral availability.

Eco Growth’s Eco Advance® Premium Biology is our proprietary granular fertiliser inoculum, containing select strains of beneficial soil microbes and complementary bio-stimulants. This powerful microbial primer / catalyst works by kick-starting soil microbial activity. As a result, microorganism-based processes are supported that have many soil and plant benefits, including natural mineral cycling, enhanced nutrient release and delivery, improved soil structure and moisture retention, and increased overall plant health and resilience.


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With our full range of products and nutritional breakdowns.

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