Help Us Fund Over 50,000 Meals

Help Us Fund Over 50,000 Meals

Eco Growth International launches fundraising partnership with Foodbank Australia

Eco Growth 04/10/2021 News Articles

Aiming to fund in excess of 50,000 meals in partnership with Foodbank Australia, Eco Growth International is asking the agricultural sector for help.

Joe Bovell, Managing Director of the Australian owned and operated fertiliser company, says it is a great way to give back to rural and regional communities.

“Foodbank is providing much needed support and practical help to people across Australia, including hard hit farming communities.

“We are delighted to play this small but important part in helping a fantastic organisation.”

The company is donating a portion of sales proceeds from every 25kg bag of Eco-Prime® Purple/SF35 or Eco-Prime Emerald Turf granular fertiliser.

“The funds raised from each bag sold will cover one meal that Foodbank can give to those in need,” Joe explained.

“We want to provide over 50,000 hunger-fighting meals over the next 12 months, and we will be asking for support from our farmers, distribution partners and, of course, our team.”

On top of fundraising Eco Growth’s 25 staff are also volunteering time to the cause, with the company providing some paid leave to volunteer.

“When we asked our teams about partnering with Foodbank, every one of them was on board. They are all keen to be involved in any way they can,” Joe said.

“It is an important way we can give back to those who support us and our business.”

“Our products are used to grow abundant, healthy food crops, so it’s a natural fit to support such a great initiative which relies on high quality Australian produce.”

Joe says the company will be pushing its network hard to help it help make a difference.

“Hopefully, thanks to the great work Foodbank does, it won’t be a hard sell, knowing we can all make a tangible difference for our local communities and across Australia.”

Foodbank national partnerships manager Helen Bell says Eco Growth is the first fertiliser company to partner with the organisation.

“We were pleased when Eco Growth approached us to see how they could provide support to our organisation.

“They are a company with a strong sense of community and working in partnership with their customers and suppliers.

“Having a partnership that takes us a step back further than the paddock is wonderful.”

Foodbank supports over 1 million Australians every month, including hard hit farming communities. According to the Foodbank Hunger Report 2022, more than 2 million households in Australia went hungry in the last 12 months, which means they actually ran out of food because of financial limitations, sometimes skipping meals or going whole days without eating.

Foodbank found that over half of food insecure households in Australia had someone in paid work with the rising cost of living being the most common reason why people are failing to meet their household food requirements.

“So much of the work we do supports rural and regional people, and the backing we receive from farmers and the agricultural supply chain is amazing,” Helen said.

“We have seen increased demand for food support as people are impacted by events such as COVID restrictions, the need for school breakfasts, and dealing with drought and natural disasters.

“We aim, always, to support anyone who needs our help.

“That’s where companies like Eco Growth and their networks are so important – we can’t do it without them.”

Joe says he is proud of the partnership, and commitment of his team.

“All of them see this as a tangible way to help our communities, friends, families.

“This is an important long-term commitment for our business, and we want to make a difference in any way we can.”

The fundraising bags are co-branded with the distinctive Foodbank logo. Eco-Prime Purple/SF35 is a versatile NPK rock-mineral fertiliser combined with trace elements for use with vegetables, fruits, vines, flowers, turf and ornamentals. Eco-Prime Emerald Turf, also an NPK rock-mineral formulation, is used to support thick, green turf. Both fertilisers are inoculated with beneficial microbes, known as Eco Advance®.

Learn more about Eco-Prime Purple/SF35 & Eco-Prime Emerald Turf by clicking here.

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Information about Foodbank can be found at

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