Say hello to our new brand

Say hello to our new brand

A fresh and exciting change for ecogrowth.

05/07/2023 News Articles

We thank you for your support in the past and we wanted to share this news with you.

Our new brand is reflective of our vision to be Australia’s leading sustainable fertiliser company.

Because there’s a better way to grow… For life.

With a nod to the past, we have evolved the ecogrowth ‘e’ (the internet explore logo as some have called it!) to design something quite unique.

Water is essential to life on earth, with beneficial fertiliser to feed the soil and the plant in a balanced cycle.

A new look for the products and services you love

Biology for life

Ecoadvance® premium biology brings soil to life with beneficial microbes that activate the rhizosphere surrounding plant roots.
Biologically active soil has better structure and moisture retention. This creates healthier plants with enhanced mineral availability and cycling, through improved nutrient release and delivery.


Get agro

We’re pioneers in biologically activated natural fertiliser.
Utilising detailed analysis and staying at the forefront of agronomic research means we can tailor solutions specific to any soil type and growing conditions.
Ask us about conducting a soil
or plant test.

A proven way to grow

Working with the natural biome has been proven to enhance plant and animal life.
Ecogrowth products and programs have consistently demonstrated that both yield increases and quality improvements are achievable for the long term.

Feed the soil to feed the plant

Good soil is a diverse and complex living ecosystem that provides balanced plant nutrition & resilience.
Ecogrowth works from below the ground up to rejuvenate and revitalise soil as nature intended, to create healthier crops. Because what goes into the plant, goes into the body.

One stop shop

Ecogrowth offers paddock-specific soil testing and agronomic advice to support the application of our biologically activated rock mineral fertilisers, high analysis liquids and microbial stimulants.
Our products and programs cover all soil and crop types Australia-wide, with custom blends to suit your specific needs.

Aussie made

Whether you’re in far north Queensland, great southern WA, or anywhere in between, ecogrowth is there.
We’re proudly Australian owned and operated, with production facilities, laboratories and industry-experts that have been helping people grow their natural capital in Australia for over 20 years.


Our mission

To build and connect knowledge, biology, product, soil & plant – for life.
Our curiosity is unwavering, so we always challenge conventions and hold our beliefs loosely.

With ongoing research and development of soil & plant biology, we consistently strive to improve our products.

As we discover new evidence or best practices, we adopt and share it for the benefit of others.


If you would like to know more
about our brand development please feel free
to contact us (08) 9417 9101


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