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Eco-prime Granular Fertilisers

Comprehensive NPK & Organic fertilisers based on softrock phosphate, and volcanic minerals inoculated with microbes to ensure vine nutrition and minerals for soil health.

Eco-Vital TM

For the development of grapes with strong skins, good size distribution and colour. Eco-Vital (manufactured from Fish, Kelp and plant extracts), exhibits an unusually fast foliar absorption, and is especially useful when vine is under stress requiring a fast recovery.

Brookwood Estate, Western Australia

Cabernet Sauvignon 2005, Winner of 4 Gold, 1 Silver Awards

Rickety Gate Wines, Denmark

Product & Analysis Brochure (PDF)

Eco-Prime Natural PK registered organic fertiliser and soil re-mineraliser excellent for interrow development, dryland and organically certified grape production


Eco-Prime Red NPK fertiliser recommended for young vines and irrigated vineyards, especially in high reactive iron and saline soils


Eco-Prime Blue a gentle natural (not organically registered) NPK fertiliser for vines of all ages


Express NPK a comprehensive liquid fertiliser designed for fertigation or foliar application early season or when additional vigor is required


Express PK a comprehensive chelated liquid fertiliser designed for fertigation or foliar application from early to mid season especially where fruit tends to be soft.


Eco-Vital For the development of grapes with strong skins, good size distribution and colour. Normally applied foliar at 2.5Lt/Ha or 1.5Lt/Ha in conjunction with sulphur


Liquid VHumus+BA microbes is a biological stimulant that promotes rapid root growth and repair. Essential for young vine establishment in poor soils


Humus400 is a solid soil conditioner used to increase water holding in the soil profile and buffer nutrient loss. This product can also be used to moderate heavy soils and aid sodium removal. Can also be used to release bound phosphorus in high reactive iron and aluminium rich soils.

National Grape Magazine Editorial Published July/August 2006

Written by Dan Sutton BSc, Eco-Growth International Pty Ltd


I listened with interest some time ago while a vineyard manager gently explained to three foreign businessmen, that the Australian Wine advantage came not from historical provincial placement (such as in France), but on our ability to carefully nurture a specific environment variety by variety through careful environmental management.


Recently this has meant new vineyards have been fast tracked into production to produce high volumes and a speedy investor return. Tax benefits have amplified this outcome. This has seen the enormous success of Australian Wines grow, but has also led to the current glut.


The opposite extreme is also of concern, where vines are starved of moisture and nutrition, in the belief that a struggling vine will grow the best quality grapes. In these cases loss of vine productivity and longevity as a result of stress is seen as the norm.


In the wild, vines grew as weeds training on trees and taking advantage on natural brakes in the forest whilst feasting from the engine room of the woodlands, the forest floor. They did not starve, nor did they fruit excessively.


Modern day varieties have specific needs, but all originate from the same heritage. In short they enjoy foraging for food, grow vegetatively when excessively fertilised, and will become senescent if stressed excessively.


Balance is the key in all things!


Rather than focusing on the vine, take a moment to consider the soil and surrounding environment. Balanced soil is the key to grape quality and vine durability. A balanced soil Chemically, Structurally & Biologically can result in steady measured early season growth, improved fruit skin quality, mineral & flavour complexity and stress resistance all equaling a higher quality berry.


When examining your soil test, focus less on nutrient levels, and more on nutrient balance. Nutrient availability is the key issue. Cycling of nutrients is a natural process, treating your vineyard more as a living ecosystem will encourage flavour quality without senescence and consistency without excess.


One of the glimmers of hope amongst the current grape glut is the continued salability of high quality grapes reported by selected growers…

Eco-Growth is proud to distribute the only

Trichoderma Registered for fungal control in Australia

Elders Rural Report - Eco-Growth Fertilisers Shine at Narrikup

APVMA Approval No.55617/100/0204

BFA Registered Product 802AI

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