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Eco-Growth specialises in manufacturing Natural / Registered Organic and gentle High analysis NPK Granular and Liquid Fertilisers.


Eco-Prime is Eco-Growths Silicate Mineral Rock Dust based fertiliser, combining volcanic minerals, citrate soluble soft-rock phosphate, beneficial biology and NPK mainly derived from sulphate's (and other non-manure sources).

Product & Analysis Brochure (PDF)
Hort / Ag Granular Mineral Fertilisers

25Kg, 40x25Kg Pallet, 1ton Bulka bag

Custom Blending available - minimum quantities apply

Eco-Prime Soft Rock Phosphate BFA ✓

Eco-Prime Natural PK BFA ✓

Eco-Prime NPK Blue

Eco-Prime NPK Purple

Eco-Prime NPK Red

Eco-Prime Emerald

Eco-Prime PhosPot BFA ✓

Potassium Silicate BFA ✓

Broad Acre Granular Mineral Fertilisers

1ton Bulka bag & Bulk Loads

Custom Blending available - minimum quantities apply

Liquid Fertilisers

5Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt, 1000Lt, Bulk Tanker

Express NPK

Express PK

Express N

Express NK+TE

Express P

Express K

Express Ca+B

Express TE

Liquid Si Potash BFA ✓

Eco-Vital BFA ✓

Soil Amendments

Solids & Liquids

Eco-Wet - Broad Acre

Humus400 BFA ✓

Eco-Humate BFA ✓

Eco-Fulvate BFA ✓

Liquid Kelp BFA ✓

Powderd Kelp BFA ✓

Liquid Fish BFA ✓


Soil Testing

Local distribution

On-Farm Consultation


Liquid VHumus+BA BFA ✓

BA Microbes BFA ✓


Plantmate WP Drench BFA ✓

Plantmate Granules BFA ✓

Plantmate Foliar BFA ✓

Trichodry BFA ✓

Onionmate BFA ✓

Vinevax Wound Dressing BFA ✓

Vinevax Bio-Implants BFA ✓

Mycorrcin - mycorrhizal enzyme

Digester - lignin digesting enzyme

Vinevax Technical Manual