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Product & Analysis Brochure (PDF)

Eco-Prime Red NPK fertiliser recommended for young vines and irrigated vineyards, especially in high reactive iron and saline soils


Eco-Prime Purple a strong but gentle NPK fertiliser for high yielding crops such as Avocados. Designed to promote strong root growth and consistent even fruit development.


Express NPK a comprehensive liquid fertiliser designed for fertigation or foliar application as additional vigour required without loss of fruit colour (used as directed).


Express PK a comprehensive chelated liquid fertiliser designed for fertigation or foliar application from early to mid-season while fruit sizing. Is used to firm and colour fruit, can be useful in preventing splitting in stone fruit after excessive rain. Notably Express PK can be used to significantly reduce Sodium Chloride uptake when applied as a foliar.


Express Ca+B foliar calcium and boron for rapid foliar or root uptake and absorption. Calcium is chelated for rapid mobility to fruiting areas.


Eco-Vital For the development of fruit with strong skins, good size distribution and colour.


Liquid VHumus+BA microbes is a biological stimulant that promotes rapid root growth and repair. Essential for young vine establishment in poor soils


Humus400 is a solid soil conditioner used to increase water holding in the soil profile and buffer nutrient loss. This product can also be used to moderate heavy soils and aid sodium removal. Can also be used to release bound phosphorus in high reactive iron and aluminium rich soils.

Eco-Prime NPK Red

An excellent start up fertiliser for Potatoes and Vegetable use. Eco-Prime Red is designed to promote strong root and shoot development by supplying phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium and Trace reliably in heavy High Reactive iron soils, and light sandy soils.


Available 25Kg, 40x25Kg pallet, 1ton bulka bags

Wanneroo Strawberry Trials, PN Chemfert

Conventional Vs. Eco-Growth pictured above at 5 weeks post planting.

Albany Seed Potato Trials,

Hydro Complex, 50:50 blend, Eco-Prime NPK Red


Compare for your self, Eco-Prime NPK Red contains half the Nitrogen, yet grew up to 1/3 more potatoes… note in this trial the EPP grew high numbers of consistent sized tubers, however they were a little large for Seed Potatoes.


Blend Analysis has now been updated for growing high yielding Table Potatoes.

Crops where decimated in Manjimup / Pemberton after heavy weather early 2009. This crop of Potatoes was written off after extensive damage left the plants smashed and broken. Treated with Eco-Vital and 7days later Express NPK, this crop recovered and went on to yield an average of 38ton/acre.



On going research and development

Eco-Growth has taken up the challenge of improving WA Potato Skin Quality with surprising results...


Skin quality is widely believed to be closely related to calcium accumulation in the potato skin during early development. However Industry has found increasing skin calcium levels to be very difficult to achieve. Eco-Growth has taken the approach that calcium uptake occurs in combination with balanced nutrition and is more a factor of availability than quantity applied.


In Eco-Growth' replicated trials at Manjimup (with thanks to Sam Taylor of Landmark for his kind assistance), clear signs of improved skin quality have occurred.

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